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THYMUSKIN Balsam Conditioner

  • $52.95

THYMUSKIN® BALSAM Intensive Conditioner helps care for damaged hair and can also restore your hair balance. Specifically designed to work with THYMUSKIN® 2-STEP system and its CLASSIC, MED, and FORTE Lines, THYMUSKIN® BALSAM Intensive Conditioner helps ensure your hair is not only protected but looks great! 

  • Nourishes the Hair & Scalp
  • Use for dry and sensible Hair & Scalp Maintenance
  • Apply also for dry dandruff and itching scalp
  • Protects hair against harmful environmental influences
  • Regulates the grease content of the scalp
  • Lends moisture and shine to the hair
  • Makes long hair sleeker and easier to comb
  • Apply also after permanent waves and dyes and hair coloring