MAXaFLEX - Glucosamine Sulfate

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If your joints are causing discomfort, MAXaFLEX can help. MAXaFLEX Glucosamine Sulfate is a new product that contains the clinically proven dosage of 1500 mg of Glucosamine Sulfate. MAXaFLEX is used to help support joint health and maintain and promote healthy cartilage by providing; 1500mg Glucosamine Sulfate, Maximum Strength Formulation, Supporting Joint Function and Cartilage*, Promoting Good Health of Body Joints*, Reduces Pain from Overexertion and Exercise*. Many products offer different types of Glucosamine (i.e. Glucosamine Hydrochloride) and provide different quality levels, and different dosages. With MAXaFLEX, we set out to create a product that customers could trust for superior quality and efficacy, using ingredients that could help support joint health when you need it most.

  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE 1500MG TABLETS - MAXaFLEX - GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE CAPLETS is designed for those who want to support their joint health. Each caplet provides 750mg of Glucosamine Sulfate taken twice a day to supports flexibility as well as joint function.*
  • MAXIMUM SUPPORT FOR JOINT, CARTILAGE, FLEXIBILITY, & MOBILITY – MAXaFLEX caplets are convenient and easy way to provide long-term support for your joints. (When taken the daily recommended dose, optimal relief is found after 3-Months) *
  • 1500MG GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE: supporting your joint & cartilage health along with helping flexibility *. Take two 750mg caplets of MAXIMUM STRENGTH GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE daily.
  • MAXaFLEX MAXIMUM STRENGTH GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE is a Shellfish derivate Glucosamine Sulfate that is Gluten Free and GMO Free.