DESERT MIRACLE Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • $12.00


From the pressing of the best Arbequina and Dahbia olives we get this golden olive oil verging to green, with a well-balanced taste and complex profile. Harvested at the end of September-beginning of October, just when the olives are changing colours from green to black and are still rosy. 

The fruitiness of ripe olives is clearly identifiable in the nose and mouth with a great diversity of secondary aromas, above all apple and banana. It also has hints of other ripe fruit such as almonds, tomato, fennel and artichoke. On the palate it reminds of almonds, its sweetness stands out a little, as well as its astringency that does not interfere with its profile. The result is a very well balanced and harmonious oil with a clear touch of sweetness that is characteristic of the variety. Desert Miracle is our ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil of character that surprises the most demanding palates with its special fruity notes.

  • ALTITUDE: 340 m
  • SURFACE: 200 Ha
  • OLIVE TREES: 300,000
  • DENSITY: 1,852 trees/Ha (1,35 meters between each tree and 4 meters between each row of olive trees)
  • PRODUCTION: 330,000 liters of extra virgin olive oil with 0.2° maximum acidity
  • SOIL PROPERTIES: 25% clay, 30% muddy/limoneux, 45% sandy. In overall, franc and light soil aerated by a multitude of calcareous rocks of various sizes (PH 8.05)
  • WATER ORIGIN: pure artesian water and turonian acquifere (supplied by the snow melting of the Atlas mountains and trapped in a calcareous reef allowing natural water filtration)
  • CULTIVARS: Arbequina (Spanish variety, 97%) and Dahbia (Moroccan variety, 3%)